80GM HEMPRx Pain Cream


HEMPRx is specifically compounded by Las Vegas Scripts Rx Retail and Compounding Pharmacy. This medication is formulated with full spectrum hemp oil and nonaddictive anti-pain, anti-inflammatory, soothing medicine that stops pain dead on. HEMPRx cream can be further customized with prescription medication for additional benefits. Speak to your doctor for more information.

I was told about this cream for rheumatoid arthritis by my doctor that referred me to Las Vegas Scripts compounding pharmacy. The pharmacist applied a cream to my hands and I began to experience the soothing effects instantly. Lets just say that before I left the pharmacy, the pain in my joints were gone!

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Las Vegas Scripts Rx would like to thank you for trying our HEMPRx anti-pain cream. We are highly satisfied with this product and would like to share the experience of helping others who suffer from pain.

When you place your order, please allow 24 hours for your fresh product to be made. Take proper precautions and follow storage instructions to ensure proper product stability. HEMPRX pain cream may be refrigerated for optimum results.

A patented blend of:
Hemp Oil – Inflammation / pain relief on cannabinoid receptors
Menthol – Cooling / vasodilation / antiseptic
Ibuprofen – Anti-inflammatory steroid
Lidocaine – Anesthetic agent
Aloe Vera – Skin Protectant

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